It hasn’t gone un-noticed that the ramifications of the ongoing covid-19 pandemic are huge and will continue to affect us for a long time coming. Of course there are lots of industries that have been affected but one of the worst hit has to be the Movie, theatre, photography and music industries in the UK. In the UK our economy relies on the success of live theatre, live music and other parts of the industry.


It is estimated, that by the end of 2020 the arts industry will have shrunk by up to 53% and have lost £36 billion pounds in possible revenue. “Film and television production are now restarting and cinemas are hoping to reopen next month, Ben Roberts, chief executive of the BFI said. “There are still huge risks for independent filmmakers and for cinemas trying to make it through recovery and we are committed to supporting them through the ongoing challenges and difficulties”. 


Some attempts at starting to rejuvenate the industry have started with some west end musicals opening their doors and Emma Rice’s theatre company Wise Children were live streaming their new production of ‘Romantics Anonymous’ In a post-show zoom interview she said ‘ I think it is really important that we start to open the doors to theatres and cinemas. If we start the ball rolling, with the necessary precautions in place, because it will make it a whole lot easier to open up faster’