GOVERNMENT officials are investigating the potential for security screening of passengers on London Underground and at National Rail stations.

The Home Office says that given the high volumes of passengers at transport locations it is not possible to carry out traditional checkpoint screening “for the detection of hazardous threats”.

A review is to be carried out so the Department for Transport and Home Office’s Centre for Applied Science & Technology can understand the options that exist for screening in areas such as ticket barriers and escalators.

The main focus will be on the detection of explosives and weapons on people and in bags.

Consideration may also be given to the screening of other items such as wheelchairs, prosthetics, crutches, pushchairs and bikes.

The review is planned by the end of March 2013.

Would you be in favour of security screening across London’s transport network? Would it make you feel safer? Could effective screening ever be done without delays to journeys? Would being held up briefly at stations be a price worth paying for extra security? Add your comments below.