AN EASTENDERS actor from Belvedere accused of breaking a man's jaw at a London nightclub has been cleared of all charges.

Tony Discipline - better known on screen as Tyler Moon - appeared at Southwark Crown Court yesterday (August 13) for the start of a trial following an incident at West End nightclub Merah.

However Judge Jeffrey Pegden threw out the case after just over a day due to there being no case to answer.

Hayden Deol, a 21-year-old area manager, needed metal plates fitted to his jaw following the bust-up on May 21 last year.

Jurors were told Mr Discipline, of Rutland Gate, attended the nightclub along with fellow EastEnders stars Bunmi Mojekwu, who plays Mercy Olubunmi, and Shona McGarty, who is better known on screen as Whitney Dean.

Prosecution lawyer Riel Karmy-Jones said: “Hayden Deol was standing chatting to his friend along with his cousin Sab Deol when the defendant passed by.

“Sab Deol made a remark about his [Mr Discipline’s] clothing, saying it looked like one of the shirts Hayden wore to work.

“There is no doubt this remark was somewhat derogatory and Hayden and Sab laughed.”

Miss Karmy-Jones said Mr Discipline did not like the two men laughing at him and he said something back to them “in an aggressive way”.

The court heard Hayden Deol then approached Mr Discipline, pushing him with one hand in the chest, before returning to the VIP area of the club, where his friends were.

It was alleged Mr Discipline followed the two men into the VIP area, where his EastEnders co-stars also occupied an area.

Miss Karmy-Jones said: “The defendant accosted Sab and said ‘do you think you’re funny?’ “He was angry and shouting when he said this and he then punched Sab twice in the face."

But when 21-year-old Sab Deol was cross-examined, defence lawyer Michael Wolkind accused him of lying.

He asked him how long he was outside the nightclub with his cousin after being thrown out.

Sab Deol answered "five minutes".

Mr Wolkind, then showed CCTV footage picturing the pair in the vicinity of the club an hour and eight minutes afterwards.

Mr Wolkind told Sab Deol: "What you have done so far is give a calculated, lying account."

Mr Discipline was acquitted of GBH and common assault.