The new Black & Decker Speedy Roller (£26.99, Argos) lives up to its name. It applies paint quickly and evenly, with excellent coverage, and the paint is contained inside the roller, so there’s no paint tray to wash out and (almost) no annoying drips.

The roller has a long handle, which you draw paint into by pulling out the end, making it even longer (it’s a bit awkward in narrow hallways but fine in most rooms).

To draw the paint up the handle and out through the roller sleeve, you simply press a trigger. When you need to refill (which takes quite a while), there’s an attachment that clips onto the side of the paint tin and into the handle.

The Speedy Roller’s well-thought-out features include a splatter shield, a stand so you can put it on the floor without getting the sleeve dirty, and a button to adjust the angle of the roller, which is useful for getting into awkward areas.

When you’re finished, you suck water through the handle in the same way as the paint, and wash out the roller (and detachable parts) as normal.