Step It Up

For a smart, fresh look with a wipe-clean finish, paint your stairs. It looks great, but please bear in mind you may find it’s noisier without carpet. Give the stairs a thorough sanding with coarse sandpaper. Wipe away any dust and dirt afterwards using a soft damp cloth and ensure stairs are completely dry before continuing.

For a smooth, long-lasting finish, apply one coat of floor paint. Allow to dry for five hours, then add a second coat and leave to dry for a further six hours. International Quick Drying Floor Paint, £13.99 for 750ml, available from hardware and DIY stores.

Sand And Reveal

Sanding old floorboards is one of the cheapest ways to give a hall floor a new look, says TV presenter Jo Behari, who hosts Channel 4’s Make Do And Mend programme.

“Although it’s dusty, hot work, you should be able to tackle an average size space in a weekend, including the varnishing,” she says. Hire a sander and an edge sander for areas next to the skirting and corners. To stop dust spreading throughout the house, make sure you have everything you need in the room and seal around internal doors with masking tape. Open any windows and exterior doors. Seal with floor varnish such as Ronseal Diamond Hard Floor Varnish, from £19.98 for 750ml, B&Q (0845 850 0175;

Make A Gallery

Give a collection of old picture frames a new lease of life by painting them, and either leaving them empty or popping in postcards or photos. The hall is also a great place to displaying children’s artwork. For a flawless finish, sand frames first, then use a coat of primer, before applying paint. ProAqua Eggshell paint, £26 for 750ml (colours shown, L-R: Forget Me Not, Cupboard Love, Lemony, Polka Dot and Tutu), from Earthborn Paints (01928 734 171; )

Clutter Solution

Ample storage is vital in a hall so it’s easy to put away shoes, bags and outdoor kit.

A six-basket console unit, £345, with a lacquered finish complete with woven linen baskets, is good-looking and roomy. The Holding Company (020 8445 2888; )