Plug It Polyfilla (£5.11, Polycell) is brilliant for filling awkward and hard-to-fill holes where conventional filler wouldn’t work.

You simply cut off how much you need, knead it (wearing protective gloves) until it changes colour, work it into the hole - it stays workable for up to four minutes - and then fill over it with conventional filler, if necessary.

It’s that simple - and mess free. But it’s more than just an awkward-gap filler - it can also be used to plug holes that you need to reuse for refixing curtain poles and shelves, etc.

Plug It sets hard, can be screwed into - there’s no need for Rawlplugs - and can support up to 20kg in weight.

It can be used both indoors and out for plaster, brick and concrete. A versatile, compact and really useful addition to your toolbox.