Five of us travelled out to Domain de Illes for five days on the back lake for a social, fish-hauling session.

However, when they return to England on Friday I will be left alone for a further week on the big lake which contains some real monsters.

The big lake, or front lake as it is known locally, is a very challenging venue but it does offer the chance of hooking a fish of a lifetime. These two lakes offer very different aspects of fishing abroad on the same venue, but usually it is either rapid-hauling or big-fish hunting.

Most people travelling to France for the first time are expecting to haul, not actually sit it out for a big one. But some people do not mind two weeks 'blanking' as they know they are in with a chance of a 50lb-plus carp.

The back lake caters for those who want a regular bend in their rod and the front lake is for those who dream of besting a beast of mythical proportions.

This is going to be the last week before I open the Junior Carp Competition up slightly by informing people about it in my Carp-Talk column, so it really is the last chance to grab the remaining places.

There are roughly 20 left, so if you do not have an entry form ring 020 8249 2421 and ask for Masterfish.

But please return it as quickly as possible when you receive it. As when the magazine readers see a day's fishing on Darenth with a chance to meet Martin Locke and win an original Andy Dommet sculpture - a solar stainless pod and three custom-built rods for only a tenner - I'll let you guess the rest.

The Keston Angling Society questionnaires are ready for sending out and anyone wanting to join the club is welcome to register by ringing the same number as mentioned earlier.

The questionnaires will, when completed, give a clear view of opinions on each of the issues. The results will be discussed at the next meeting and then put to the Environmental Agency and local council.

I have also gauged the opinion of the Keston Mark Residents' Association by fielding a few questions and would like to thank them for listening to me discuss what is being planned.

Hopefully, I will be able to make contact with the Keston Village Residents' Association soon and listen to their views, as I appreciate the concerns that some local residents have about angling at the ponds.

Their input into the proposed Urban Renewal Project is just as important as anglers' and what we are trying to achieve is positive for them too.

But, if we can show them that with proper management the ponds would attract good anglers who care for the environment, pick up the litter and do not start fires, then half the battle will already have been won.