A six-year-old girl has written an impassioned letter to the leader of the council to save one of Croydon's libraries.

The Cypress Junior School pupil took it upon herself to write the letter to save her library after learning both Croydon Council and Lambeth Council, who jointly fund it, are considering pulling out of the agreement in next year’s budget.

Milly Maker wrote "Dear Croydon Council, please oh please do not shut down the library in Crystal Palace."

Milly is the latest campaigner to voice concern over the future of the Upper Norwood Library, which is under threat of closure.

She said: "They should not shut the library down. When I was young I used to go to lots of events and love the books and reading. I love choosing my own books."

Her example has been followed by a number of other youngsters.

Finlay Wilkie-Jones, 4, Lucy Nash, 4 and Esther Miles, 5, have also written to council leader Coun Mike Fisher to save the library.

Sarah Johnson, Milly’s mother, said: "Here in Crystal Palace you often feel you are out on the edge and we get left out. I think if it does close it will be really sad not just for us but for future generations because once it is gone it won’t come back."

The future of the library was thrown into question after Croydon Council accused Lambeth of failing to attend the Annual General Meeting last year and threatened to pull out of the agreement.

Discussions between the two councils are ongoing and public consultation on the future of the library begins next week.

Campaigners, including the young authors, interrupted a full council meeting at Croydon Town Hall on Monday February 27.

About 70 people packed into the public gallery singing Books Glorious Books to the council before hurling paper aeroplanes over the balcony.

Campaigner Mark Richardson, said: "The key thing is Croydon’s library budget is £8m and yet they won’t pay £200,000 for Upper Norwood Library. The library serves nine schools, is vital to young mums and is a focal point of the community. A lot of people will be impacted if it closes."

Speaking in the meeting Sarah Bashford, cabinet member for customer service culture and sport, said: "We are in discussion with Lambeth and discussions are ongoing."

Answering a question on library service funding she pointed out the £200,000 for the Upper Norwood Library did not include funding of HR support, and background costs that were dealt with centrally.

The running of Croydon library service is set to be handed over to one of five short-listed bidders as part of a move to reduce costs to the council.