The petition, submitted by 75-year-old Elwyn Bryant, of Salisbury Road, Bexley, boasted more than 2,200 signatures and demands salaries be capped at £100,000.

He wants the topic to be debated by the council and protocol states petitions with 2,000 signatures are granted this privilege.

However, News Shopper reported last month how Bexley Council rejected the petition via email quoting a standing order, banning the discussion of staff salaries at public meetings.

Mr Bryant argues the petition was not adequately dealt with and he has now found an ally in Belvedere ward councillor Sean Newman.

Speaking after the overview and scrutiny committee meeting on January 31, Cllr Newman said: “I don’t believe individual’s terms and conditions should be debated.

"But on a point of demographic principle when 2,200 Bexley citizens say they want something to be discussed - that is when it needs to be heard - not at a committee and certainly not ruled out of order by an officer.”

Mr Bryant quoted Secretary of State Eric Pickles at the meeting, who set out plans last year for council’s to vet salaries above £100,000.

Meanwhile a group of supporters shouted support for Mr Bryant from the public gallery, with one questioning whether the petition had even been read.

Other booed chairman Councillor Don Massey while he was speaking.

Mr Bryant told the meeting: “We got signatures from every ward in the borough - perhaps the council should start following its own motto and start listening to residents rather than ignoring them.”

Head of committee services and scrutiny, Kevin Fox, said: “The petition was rejected on the basis it was inaccurate, misleading and inappropriate.

“Any discussion of the substance of the petition would have been contrary to the council’s standing orders.”

Bexley Council’s chief executive Will Tuckley was named last year as the 37th highest paid local government worker in the UK, receiving a handsome £206,439.

Standing Order 84

If any question arises at a meeting of the council as to the appointment, promotion, dismissal, salary, superannuation or conditions of service, or as to the conduct of any person employed by the council, such question shall, unless the council otherwise resolves, be deemed to be a ‘special reason’ for excluding the public for the purpose of Section 100A (4) of the Local Government Act 1972.