A mother believes her daughter has spotted the elusive Palace Puma.

Dawn Williams’ daughter Georgia, 19, spotted the infamous beast at the end of Sylvan Road.

The 54-year-old said: “Georgia came in from work.

“She was literally shaking and was frightened and said she had just seen an animal down the road.

“It was definitely not a fox or a dog.

“She said it was feline looking but the size of a large dog and black.

“Georgia tip toed past it and then ran home.”

Mrs Williams went out to look for the beast but by then it had vanished.

She added: “It was spotted just down the road from where we live but I couldn’t see anything.”

Mrs Williams’ daughter is one of many who have spotted the large beast affectionately known as the Palace Puma.

Back in 2010, a pensioner living in Rommany Road, Gipsy Hill, claims she saw what looked like a "big cat the size of a large dog carrying a cat in its jaws" in her front garden.

In 2009, Eduardo de Brito, who lives in Thicket Road, saw what he thought was a large dog prowling the street.