A peaceful protest helped dozens of residents, united to oppose a new mobile phone mast on their roof, successfully halt the project.

Neighbours in Traherne Lodge, Sutherland Grove, Teddington, said they were worried the T-Mobile station could have negative health effects.

Sales consultant Robert Allen, 28, used his car to block the engineer’s lorry when they turned up to install the mast last week.

It led to T-Mobile and Richmond Housing Partnership (RHP), which owns the block of flats, agreeing to postpone the project and listen to residents’ concerns.

T-Mobile said it had arranged a drop-in session and an evening meeting with neighbours.

Mr Allen, who organised a petition against the mast, said: “None of the residents have been consulted. We had a letter saying this was going to happen and given less than a week’s notice.

“There are a number of us who are very concerned about it and our voices have not been heard, despite being lease holders and tenants who pay money to live in the area.

“We are concerned about the long-term health implications. This is a big unit going up.”

He described the mast as an eyesore and said people were worried about health risks sometimes associated with masts, such as nosebleeds, headaches and cancer.

Families with young children live in the area and youngsters attend the nearby Treetops Nursery, in Church Road, he said.

A spokeswoman for T-Mobile said: “All T-Mobile mobile phone base stations conform to very strict national and international health and safety guidelines.

“Independent bodies, such as the World Health Organisation, have stated that, within these guidelines, there is no proven evidence of any adverse health effects.”

Mr Allen has contacted Twickenham MP Vince Cable and was due to meet him this month to discuss the mast. A spokeswoman for RHP said: “The installation of the telephone mast at Traherne Lodge has been postponed in response to our customers’ concerns.

“We will be communicating with our customers over the coming weeks, offering them the chance to ask questions about the installation and the opportunities that it will provide.”

Anyone concerned about the phone mast should call RHP on 0800 0322433.