AN AMATEUR photographer claims he caught UFO's on camera over the Dartford Bridge Crossing .

On September 15, between 8.30pm and 9pm, Gary Porter was at an industrial estate in Galleon Boulevard, Dartford, with his girlfriend.

He said: "We are keen photographers and the Dartford Bridge at night looks really nice so we went down there to get a few photos."

When the couple looked at the images on their cameras they noticed small, bright, circular lights in red, green and blue.

This Is Local London: Amateur photographer claims he caught UFO on camera

Mr Porter said: "There wasn't anything unusual to the eye. It was when we took a photo they appeared on the screen.

"The longer the exposure the brighter these things came out. They look almost as if they are a heat source."

The 25-year-old added: "I have spoken to friends and other photographers and Greenwich Observatory and there's no one who can explain what it is.

"The only thing people have come up with is lens flare, which is down to atmospheric light, but I have looked at other examples and there's nothing that comes close to what we saw."

Mr Porter took a picture straight up above his head to see if the lights had moved.

He said: "When we saw it was right above us we got the camera and tripod and ran to the car.

"It was very freaky. Because we couldn't explain it, it was quite scary."

This Is Local London: Amateur photographer claims he caught UFO on camera

The couple have been taking photos for around three years and have never experienced this before.

Mr Porter, of Lewis Road, Sidcup, said: "I'm very cynical and very sceptical. I don't believe in UFO's but I can't find a logical explanation.

"The longer it goes on the more that thought comes into my head. I just can’t explain it, which is bothering me."

John Jenkins, chairman of Truth Research Investigations, looked at 12 of the photos to see if he could work out what the lights were.

Mr Jenkins, who investigates paranormal activity in north Kent, said: “I would suspect it was something to do with the camera, either a fault or something that is slightly out of line.

“It is very interesting but I’m afraid they are not more than an anomaly, which is a shame.”