UPDATED: 15.37 POLICE on Wednesday uncovered London's biggest ever gun haul in a home opposite a primary school.

At 6am, about 30 officers from the Met's Operation Trident - which investigates gun crime in London's black community - stormed two homes and a business in and around Dartford, Kent.

"Hundreds and hundreds" of guns - including pump-action shotguns, revolvers, M16 automatic and semi-automatic weapons, antique weapons and live ammunition - were found in a suburban house on Wentworth Drive, opposite Wentworth Primary School.

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A 55-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of supplying firearms from the Dartford home. The grandfather was being questioned about links to a "suspected international arms trafficking cartel".

Photographs supplied by the Met taken in the garage of the semi-detached home showed guns, knives and swords mounted on every possible wall space, and bullets littered on the floor.

Four other firearms were found at a the second home, while no guns were found at the business.

Police said a "substantial quantity of cash" was found at all three addresses, but it was not known how much.

Law enforcement agencies in the US have carried out simultaneous raids in New Jersey. It was reported that a 40-year-old man was today being questioned by police.

The operation - codenamed Mokpo - was launched 18 months ago following a spate of shootings in north London involving rival gangs.

Since 2004, three people have been murdered and 11 injured in the related gang battle, according to the Evening Standard.

Detective chief superintendent Kevin Davis, from Operation Trident, said it was the biggest firearms haul in the Met's history.

"The premises raided were used to store hundreds and hundreds of weapons. I have never seen anything like it," Mr Davis said.

"Guns are mounted on every available wall space in the property and live ammunition was found lying on the floor. There are guns everywhere. It will take us at least three days to log it all and bag up the evidence."

Kent County Council spokeswoman Sarah Howe said Wentworth Primary School was operating as usual today despite the early morning drama nearby.

"Both children and staff are at school today with no disruption to their usual routine. Police have reassured parents and staff that at no time were they at risk," she said.

Mr Davis added: "This operation has resulted in hundreds of guns being taken out of circulation and has potentially prevented a number of serious injuries or even deaths occurring on the streets of London.

"It is impossible to overestimate the misery and fear these weapons could have brought if they had got into the hands of criminals.

"Today's seizure demonstrates Trident's determination not only to target the gunmen but also tackle those who are responsible for supplying guns in the first place."

Searches were expected to continue throughout the day.

It was reported that some of the firearms were legitimate and the arrested man was believed to be a registered firearms dealer, but it was suspected many others could be illegal.

A Met spokesman said: "All weapons found will be forensically examined until then we will not know which are held legally and which are illegal."