Zac Goldsmith MP's parliamentary career is under threat in proposed changes to the electoral map, according to detailed analysis of what the new seats might look like.

The coalition has passed rules that will see a reduced 600 seats, 596 of which must be within 5 per cent of the average constituency size, which stands at 76,641.

Research conducted by Democratic Audit - a Liverpool University research group - has mapped last year's general election votes on to a set of boundaries, based on legislation set out by the reforms.

Based on the research, the Liberal Democrats will lose out more than the other parties because their seats are surrounded by Labour and Conservatives.

Changing the boundaries may mean opposition territories move in to the Lib Dem areas, affecting General Election 2015 results.

But, similarly, Mr Goldsmith's marginal Conservative seat is bordered by Lib Dem seats Kingston and Surbiton, and Twickenham, putting him at risk.

He said: "There are a few sets of predictions doing the rounds, with starkly varying effects on this constituency. In truth though, no one knows what will happen to the boundaries, and we won’t until the first drafts are released in September.”

Mr Goldsmith said in the past that he could not represent a constituency larger than Richmond Park and north Kingston, and would vote against moves to enlarge them.

But, the new average constituency sizes would make it slightly smaller, so he voted for the changes last year.

The final plans will be revealed in September.