This month, we are giving SW20 residents the opportunity to see if we can improve the only bus service for Motspur Park.

The K5 bus, which shuttles between Ham and Morden via Motspur Park and Raynes Park, is only timetabled to come once an hour (and that's when it's on time!)

Merton councillor, Gilli Lewis-Lavender, said she has been approached by several residents who think the current service is simply not good enough.

She also said that, if enough people support the petition, Merton and Wandsworth's GLA member Richard Tracey could take the request forward to Transport for London.

We already know that the very existence of the K5 has been under scrutiny after a consultation was launched about it in 2009.

So, if you agree that the K5 needs at least a couple more buses on the route, sign the petition on the home page.

The petition will last for the whole of March and we'll let you know the results in April.

If you've signed the petition, why not leave a comment below and tell us your experience of local services?