The two teachers suspended after an alleged sex film of them was found on a school computer have been revealed as Tim Edwards and Angela Thornhill.

The pair are being investigated over a film which is said to have been found by a colleague on a school computer at Addington High.

It is alleged to show a man sitting in a chair while a woman performs a sex act on him. She later turns towards the camera and lifts up her top.

The film appears to be have been taken in an office. It is unknown whether it was shot at the school.

Tim Edwards, 46, who is head of the Information and Communications Technologies department faces the sack if found to be connected to the film as does classroom assistant Angela Thornhill, 50.

The school has remained tight lipped about the incident and head teacher Tim Davies has been keeping parents and the public in the dark by refusing to clarify exactly what happened.

Queries about what action is being taken have been met with a wall of silence. It is understood that the school are still investigating and have not made any decisions about the future of the accused pair.

A council spokesman said: “This is a matter for the school and while investigations into any allegations are taking place it is only right that they refrain from discussing the matter publicly.”

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