Ticket prices & schedule

Sebastian Coe launched the detailed schedule for the London 2012 Olympics and admitted that the arrival of the "greatest show on earth" now feels just around the corner.

The times, dates and prices to watch more than 600 separate sessions at the London 2012 Games will be emailed to the 2.2million people who have signed up for information ahead of tickets going on sale next month.

Double Olympic champion Coe, the London 2012 chairman, said: "This is a really big moment, a huge moment. In this project, every day you get closer, every day it becomes more of a living creature."

He added: "In my own experience as a competitor this is the point that it suddenly becomes very real. I remember this point in the build-up to Los Angeles, and suddenly realising I was going to be running seven races in nine days.

"We are now getting to the business end of the project and we know from the number of people who have signed up for ticket information that there is a real hunger from all parts of the country to be there.

"Some 2.2million people are going to be emailed with the schedule so this is also the moment when you start asking the public to start planning their Games. We have given them the ticket prices and now the schedule so this is their opportunity to go away and figure out what they want to watch and when.

"This is the greatest show on earth and these will be the greatest tickets on earth."

The men's 100m final, to many people the highlight of the Olympics, will take place on the evening of Sunday August 5.

Coe added: "We can already start to picture what might happen. There is a recognition now that the men's 100m is a pretty serious moment and we have planned that to be fairly early on the evening of that Sunday.

"The things people remember are head to heads and we could potentially have one of the best given that Tyson Gay is going to make this a really tough run for Usain Bolt."

Ticket prices & schedule