Today is an important landmark for environmentalists across south London.

The 10:10 campaign - which asked people and countries across the globe to commit to reducing their carbon footprint by 10 per cent this year - is marking the tenth day of the tenth month with a series of events.

The group said it will “be the largest day of positive action on climate change ever” and hopes to spread its message through thousands events across the globe - including south London.

In Streatham, campaigners are inviting people to a cinema screening of the French comedy, BelleVille Rendez-Vous, which will be entirely run by pedal power.

Volunteers from Sustainable Streatham will generate electricity by cycling bikes for the film's duration.

The event is being held in a tent - which seats 100 people - at Streatham Common (south west corner opposite Sainsbury’s) from 7.30pm.

There will be cakes and soft drinks on sale at the showing, which organisers say is a pay what you can event (donations of £3 are suggested).

Sutton based BidRegional Development Group - a charity that promotes sustainablitly - has asked its staff to reduce their emissions by following one of the 10 ideas listed below.

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Ten ways to reduce your emissions.

1. Have a low carbon Sunday lunch. Seasonal, local, tasty and planet loving. 2. If you have a car, leave it in the garage for the day.

3. Install radiator reflector foil to the back of your radiators. This will reflect the heat that you've paid for back into the room.

4. If you live in an old, drafty house, then a lit joss stick and tube of decorator’s caulk could be your best friend. Light the stick, and slowly wave it around windows and door frames. When it glows, you’re likely to have found a draft which you can plug with the caulk. It’s that simple apparently.

5. Sort out your cupboards and donate any unwanted goods and clothes to charity shops.

6. Defrost your freezer, if it needs doing. Removing the frost build-up will help your freezer to run more efficiently and lower your electricity bill in the long run. And fill it up, it takes less energy to run a full freezer than a half empty one. If you don’t have enough food to freeze you can fill the gaps with bottles of water.

7. Have a swishing [clothes swap] party with your friends. 8. Someone’s birthday coming up? Make them a homemade card out of scraps you have around the house.

9. Pick up a book instead of the TV remote control. We’ve all got books that we’ve been meaning to get round to reading. Now’s a perfect opportunity.

10. If you are a meat eater make a pledge to join ‘meat free Mondays’