Croydon Council said “enough is enough” and is throwing everything it has against criminals in the north of the borough.

As part of a joint operation with the police, the council is using every tactic at its disposal to root out crime and antisocial behaviour.

Shop staff working in fear, residents afraid to walk the streets at night and daily acts of violence have spurred the operation into action.

Officers from the council will be working hand-in-hand with the police to not only keep the streets clean but to deal with offenders who may come under the council remit.

Cabinet member for safety and cohesion, Steve O’Connell, said: “People should be allowed to get on with their business without fear.

“It has got to the point now I think where they just accept these crimes as the norm and think there isn’t much they can do about it. We’re here to show them that isn’t the case. Enough is enough.”

The council has been told there will need to be a 24-hour turnaround for graffiti, broken windows, fly-tipping and damaged street furniture and cops will be calling on the borough’s licensing teams, housing officers and CCTV to aid them during the operation.

If an offender is identified by the police, the council will then look to see if they are a council tenant and review their housing accordingly. If they run a business selling alcohol they could have their licence revoked.

Croydon Council’s crime czar, director of public safety, Tony Brooks, has 30-years experience as a policeman.

The former borough commander, said: “We’re throwing everything we have at this operation. We will use our housing officers, our rapid deployment cameras, our neighbourhood enforcement officers. The community has asked us to step in and help the area and that is what we are doing.”

One of the main focuses of the operation will be identifying and assisting repeat victims. Currently Croydon Police have identified almost 200 victims of repeat crimes in the five wards.


Thornton Heath: Councillor Matthew Kyeremeh said: “We need to make the community take ownership of the area. Places like Grangewood Park need to be taken back for the people. We need to make Thornton Heath a no-go area for criminals.”

Selhurst: Councillor Toni Letts said: “When residents hear young people being young people they shut their doors and windows. I want the men, women and children of Selhurst to feel safer.

“We have got a particular problem with young Asian youths getting into gangs and Yardie-style crack cocaine networks.”

Broad Green: Councillor Stuart Collins said: “What the people of Broad Green really want, and have been asking for for quite some time, is a dedicated police station in London Road.

“There are plenty of empty premises that could be used which would make people feel safer walking around here at night. “ Bensham Manor: Councillor Alison Butler said: “I hope the high level concentration of officers will be seen down the London Road around the time when schoolchildren get home.

“More resources need to be poured into this area as well as Thornton Heath recreation ground to protect the good young people from the bad.”

West Thornton: Councillor Humayun Kabir said: “The whole north of the borough needs a night time safer neighbourhoods team.

“When criminals know the police are not around they commit more crimes.

“I’d like to see knife crime, gang violence, burglary, robberies and antisocial behaviour tackled before anything else.

“People feel insecure and threatened and they need to feel safe.”