THREE men have been convicted for their part in a terrorist plot to blow up transatlantic planes that led to two High Wycombe men being jailed for life.

Londoners Ibrahim Savant, Arafat Khan and Waheed Zaman were today all found guilty of conspiring to commit murder following a second retrial at Woolwich Crown Court.

They had been recruited to take part in a plot to blow up home-made bombs made from soft drinks bottles on seven targeted flights.

Last year two men with High Wycombe connections were jailed for their part in the plot.

'Quartermaster' Assad Sarwar, then aged 29, was told he must serve at least 36 years behind bars after collecting the bomb-making equipment.

Muslim convert Umar Islam, born Brian Young, must spend a minimum of 22 years in jail for his part.

Savant, Khan and Zaman were all cleared of conspiracy to commit murder on board the transatlantic jets at last year's trial, after jurors accepted they did not know the bombs would be used to target flights.

But today they were found guilty after 'martyrdom videos' discovered by police showed the three men were prepared to take part in the scheme.

They will be sentenced on Monday.

When sentencing Sarwar, Islam and two other men, trial judge Mr Justice Henriques said that had the plot come to fruition it would “stand alongside the events of September 11 2001 in world history”, adding it was the “most grave and wicked conspiracy” ever to be hatched in Britain (see link to original story, below).