STRANGE lights have been spotted in the skies over Bexley in recent weeks, leaving people puzzled about whether or not they have spotted UFOs.

Deborah Perry was at her Barnehurst home, putting out food for the local wildlife when she spotted up to 30 ”flying craft” in the night sky.

At first, she assumed they were planes coming from London City Airport , heading off to pick up people stranded abroad by the volcanic ash cloud.

She watched them for around 20 minutes and said: “I thought it was odd they were not flying behind each other, but more in a group formation, which appeared to be moving at the same pace, quite slow.

“I also noticed there was absolutely no noise.”

She said the objects had no red or green wing lights and each had a bright white light around it like an aura.

Ms Perry added: “They disappeared completely with no trace.”

She said: “I would love to know if these were UFOs or if anyone else saw anything on the same night.

“I have waited a lifetime, 45 years, to see this and I do hope it was UFOs.”

Ms Perry’s sighting was on April 20, and 12 days later Debbie Fitzgerald was in Brampton Road, Bexleyheath, when she and her husband spotted an orange light in the sky, silent and moving quickly.

She said: “A few minutes later there was another one, but this one was like a red pulsating light.”

She too would like to know if anyone else spotted anything strange in the sky on May 2.

Were they UFOs, or Chinese lanterns?

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