A PROUD mother says it is "spooky" her baby son was born on the dreaded 06/06/2006.

But Gemma Newton, and partner Ben McIntyre, 25, were even more shocked when 10lb 5oz Bobby, was born at 6.06am.

The former Darrick Wood pupil is brushing off concerns about the date and time and is just happy he was born a healthy child after being in labour, ironically, for six hours.

The 19-year-old, of Cray Valley Road, Orpington, said: "It was a shock especially when people kept saying, can you imagine?

"I think it's quite lovely actually but a bit spooky he came into the world at that time, as they say it only ever happens every 100 years."

Baby Bobby is brother to Gemma's first child, 16-month-old Archie.