A man once accused of murdering the son of a mother who started an anti-guns charity has been shot dead.

Andrew Wanoghu, 26, was gunned down in Brockley, south-east London, in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Almost two years ago he was charged with the gun murder of Damien Cope, 22, outside Brown's nightclub in the West End in July 2004. But Mr Wanoghu walked free due to lack of evidence.

Two key witnesses, both friends of the victim, had told police they heard Mr Cope whisper the name of his killer with his last breath. But the pair refused to confirm it in court.

Mr Cope's mother, Lucy, then set up the charity Mothers Against Guns, which demands life sentences without parole for gun murderers.

"I am very, very sad for his mother," she said about Mr Wanoghu's death. "She really and truly does not deserve this. She did not kill my son.

"Andrew Wanoghu is no longer a perpetrator, he is a victim," she added. "This is not justice."

At around 1.30am on Saturday, Mr Wanoghu was hit in the back and heart during a shooting in Pendrell Road, New Cross. His body was driven a short distance away.

Two people have been arrested over his death.

  • Anyone with information can call 020 8247 4554.