A SPRIGHTLY pensioner has been offered a life on the buses after being sent a bus pass valid for the next 203 years.

Seventy one-year-old Elizabeth Bateman got her free travel pass in the post last week, issued by Wycombe District Council, as part of an initiative to give OAPs free transport around their district.

But although the card should only have been issued for three years, the pass is valid right up until June 13, 2209, according to the printed expiry date.

Elizabeth said: "By 2209 rigor mortis will well and truly have set in, I should imagine.

"Well it made me laugh.

"I am going around with a walking stick after a hip operation last week and I will be 72 next week.

"If I live past 100 that will be quite an achievement."

She lives with her 74-year-old husband Robert, in Eastern Dene, High Wycombe, and uses the bus once a week to go shopping.

She wished the pass entitled her to travel to Milton Keynes though.

She said: "I am rather disappointed I can't get to Milton Keynes as that is still in Buckinghamshire.

"It would have made a lovely day out."

Becky Toone, communications officer for Wycombe District Council said the date was obviously a one off typing error.