SOME of London's worst serial parking ticket evaders have been named and shamed.

The worst, a white Nissan van, accumilated 250 fines worth £25,000.

More than 3600 vehicles owe Westminister council £3.7 million and the council has hit back by publishing the vehicle number plates of the top 10 worst offenders.

The top 10 owe the council £320,000.

The details of parking ticket evaders have been fed into handheld computers carried by Westminister's parking attendants as part of a drive to crack down on motorists who fail to pay their fines.

Starting this week, the cars on the database which have at least three unpaid tickets against them and at least one ticket at the warrant stage will be prioritised for clamping if caught again.

The cars will be taken to the council's pound where they will undergo a thorough inspection.

Councillor Danny Chalkley said the move signalled a zero tolerance approach to serial parking offenders.

"No one wants to get a parking ticket but when they do the vast majority of motorists pay up or challenge the PCN in the normal way," he said.

"However there is a hard core who simply toss the ticket on the back seat and ignore it. They seem to feel that the rules which apply to the rest of us do not apply to them.

"Often the vehicles they are driving are not properly licensed as well, or they are displaying fake or stolen disabled blue badges.

"We have made huge strides in improving the fairness of our approach to parking but with this crackdown we are signalling that drivers who choose to ignore the rules of responsible motoring are not welcome in Westminster."

The top 10 worst parking ticket evaders:

  • R671LPD White Nissan Van, 250 outstanding tickets
  • W448VGT Honda Motorcycle, 228
  • R424HUF Toyota Previa, 182
  • K615WFK Ford Luton Van, 177
  • V929DWH Audi A3, 153
  • T675KGY Mercedes E class, 152
  • HW53HGG Suzuki Wagon, 143
  • N637PRG Nissan, 127
  • YT03HFM Toyota Hiace, 124
  • FYU111V Porsche 911 116