NEARLY three in five drivers are baffled by road signs, according to a new survey.

Some drivers thought a sign warning of side winds actually indicates a kite flying area.

Only half correctly recognised the warning for risk of ice on the road ahead, the survey by Prudential Car Insurance revealed.

And just three per cent said they regularly referred to the Highway Code since passing their driving test.

While 57 per cent of the 1,500 motorists surveyed could not identify road signs correctly, 25 per cent said the speeding sign was the one they were most likely to ignore.

The survey also showed that men were far more likely to ignore speed signs than women.

“Naked road” schemes, where streets have no signs, traffic lights, road markings or kerbs, would be welcomed by two in five of those surveyed.

Prudential car insurance spokesman Phil Southgate said: “The findings suggest that, despite the Highway Code remaining one of the best-selling books in the UK, many drivers are unaware of the meaning of road traffic signs. The majority of motorists do not fully understand common warning signs and might benefit from a brush-up.”