Fragments of Roman pottery have been unearthed following an excavation at a housing development site in Isleworth.

The pottery, along with a number of boundary ditches, could be confirmation that the area was the most westerly point of occupation for the Brentford Roman Community. This colony inhabited the area surrounding the Roman road which ran west from London towards the Roman town of Silchester.

The find was made at the Rushmon Homes site, Abbey Mew , off London Road, after developers consulted with English Heritage's greater London archaeological advisory service.

The investigations has been carried out by Thames Valley archaeological services.

Rushmon Homes construction director explained: "It is standard procedure to invite experts to search for any archaeological evidence of any earlier occupation on new homes developments that are located close to a recognised historical feature, such as a Roman road.

"We will be providing further access to the development for the archaeological team to investigate the area."