Confusion and anxiety surrounding the long awaited decision on whether the Crossrail route will reach to Richmond continues as the government prepares to give its verdict.

At a Transport for London's board meeting, TfL commissioner Bob Kiley said that the decision will be announced mid-July, and it is expected that this highly controversial route will not even transpire.

This means that the concern of several residents in Sheen Park, Townshend Terrace and St Mary's Grove who are at risk of losing their homes or a large chunk of their garden if the proposals did go ahead, would have been in vain.

A spokesperson for the action group Xrail, set up for those who would be affected by the route, said: "Residents have been in limbo, with houses declared worthless as security, and the neighbourhood considered blighted by local estate agents.

"Scores of letters from residents over the months have been brushed aside by heartless bureaucrats, and people have endured over seven months of deep anxiety.

"The delays continue, with the peace and security of many families destroyed. We have had great support from all parties locally but when will we get a proper answer on plans and compensation from Crossrail and the Minister?

"Their behaviour has been irresponsible, contemptuous and, we believe, unlawful."

Susan Kramer, Liberal Democrat prospective parliamentary candidate for Richmond Park and a TfL board member believes the fuss that has been made over the delays in decisions on Crossrail finally seem to be worth it.

It would be a great relief to local people to get a verdict on the route and she calls for a clear and unambiguous decision so that the blight is lifted from homes if, as expected, the Crossrail route through Richmond is not in the plan.

She said: "Ending the Crossrail speculation will allow a proper transport plan to be developed for our area.

"I hope that sufficient powers are given to TfL to allow rail to be included in the planning.

"We desperately need improvement in the current train and tube service and a properly integrated transport network."

Cllr Marc Cranfield-Adams, who has been involved in the residents' campaign, said: "It is wholly inappropriate that local residents who remain materially affected by the untimely actions of Crossrail last November should still be in this state of blight, with some unable to sell their properties.

"The government is implicated in sustaining this disgraceful situation, with its dithering, dubiety and indecision."

Transport for London do not know the exact date the decision will be announced.

A spokesperson said: "Residents of Richmond are sharing the view of everyone that we are awaiting the announcement by the department who have been considering for some while now."