Concerns that Radlett station is being left behind in plans to upgrade the Thameslink train line have been been raised by anxious commuters.

Villagers who use Thameslink trains to travel to and from London are worried about a proposed overhaul of the line that would see many stations but not Radlett upgraded to accommodate 12-coach trains.

Aldenham parish councillor David Lambert feared the changes, which would result in Radlett losing its fast train services, could threaten the village's status as a commuter community'.

"Radletts prosperity depends on easy access to London. If the service to London is downgraded then Radlett will cease to be as attractive to commuters," he said.

The project to upgrade Thameslink on the Radlett line came about was drawn up in 2000, when bosses proposed to create two separate services, 12-coach fast trains and eight-coach slow trains.divide the routes to and from London into 12-coach fast trains and eight-coach slow trains.

Because Radlett Station has a small platform, health and safety regulations dictate that the 12-coach fast trains are not permitted to stop on the platform. This means that commuters will be faced with much longer journeys, with trains stopping at every station to and from London.

The Strategic Rail Authority (SRA) this week said that although the project has been postponed since 2000, the upgrades are likely to start in 2007, with a view to completing the project by 2012.

A spokesman also confirmed that any stations served only by eight-coach trains would benefit from a more regular slow service than is now in operation.

Parish councillors and members of the Radlett Society have vowed to lobby borough and county councillors, local MPs, Thameslink, Network Rail and the SRA to include Radlett station has been rejected for upgrade, and then reverse that decision in the upgrade.

"It is certain that if Radlett station is not upgraded in this round, it is unlikely to be upgraded at a later date," said Mr Lambert.

Rob Reith, of the Radlett Society, agreed that Radlett's commuter community would be significantly affected by the proposals.

"Radlett used to be very well served by Thameslink and there are fears that any depreciation in train services will affect house prices in the area," he said.