A memorial garden has been created in Staines to commemorate the Trident plane crash of 1972 which marked the last air disaster to happen at Heathrow.

The garden has been created by staff from BAA Heathrow's Public Affairs department in response to public demand to mark the tragic event.

All 118 people on board the British European Airways flight from London Heathrow to Brussels died when the airliner crashed in a field in Staines minutes after take-off.

The plane missed the town centre by just a few hundred yards.

On Monday last week, ten staff worked together to dig a circular garden and plant a colourful array of flowers and plants in Moormead Recreation Park.

It has been designed to provide a peaceful area for reflection for friends and relatives of those who died in the crash.

BAA Heathrow has also donated £5,000 towards the garden, which will also include a decorative wall and seating area.

A commemorative stained glass window, sponsored by BAA Heathrow, will also be installed in St Mary's Church in Staines, as part of the Trident Memorial Garden which has also been organised by Spelthorne Borough Council.

Community relations support manager Elizabeth Nicholls, who organised BAA's involvement in the project, said: "We were very pleased to be given the opportunity to support this project.

"Everyone worked really hard and we hope the garden will be enjoyed by many members of the local community."

Spelthorne Council's strategic director Nigel Lynn, added: "These memorials are a direct response to the public requests for something to commemorate this tragic event.

"I am particularly pleased that BAA Heathrow and British Airways have worked with us to create a fitting reminder of those who lost their lives and a tribute to the efforts of the emergency services and individuals on that terrible day."

An official memorial service is to be held at St Mary's Church, with the opening of the Trident Memorial Garden on Friday to mark the exact date of the anniversary of the crash.