The stories of some of the Tower of London's most famous prisoners are to be told in a new exhibition opening at the tourist landmark.

The Prisoners of the Tower exhibition, which opens on Wednesday, presents new material and relics from the incarceration of a host of famous and infamous people in the Tower.

Included in this are the personal prayer books of Lady Jane Grey and Anne Boleyn, papers marked by Rudolf Hess and the actual chair in which Josef Jakobs, the last prisoner to be executed at the Tower, was shot in 1941.

Along with relics and rare documents, the exhibition uses new techniques to explore the prison lives of famous, and not so famous, occupants of the Tower.

Film footage, reconstructions, and 3D models of the Tower are also on display.

Along with the well-known details of the Tower as a prison, the exhibition also features some of its other roles, such as a fortress and armoury, treasury, and even Royal Mint.

Prisoners of the Tower runs from April 28 to September 5 at the Tower of London.

Tickets can be booked in advance on 0870 756 7070