A mother and daughter had the fright of their lives when they saw two strange orange lights in the sky.

Nurse Sue Hentschel was driving her teenage daughter Jessica to a dance class when they witnessed a terrifying vision in the sky.

Their car was stuck in heavy Sydenham traffic on November 2 at around 6.10pm when they saw two mysterious lights.

Mrs Hentschel, of Stembridge Road, Anerley, said: “We saw these two lights which were orange coming towards us.

“My daughter looked up and said ‘Mum, what’s that?’

“I didn’t know. I just said ‘What the hell is that? What is it?’”

She says they stared dumbfounded for several minutes as the lights hovered over Hazeldene School.

Mrs Hentschel stuck her head out the window to make sure it was not a reflection she was witnessing.

Jessica took photographs of the objects using her mobile phone.

Mrs Hentschel said: “I was looking over at other people’s cars to see if they noticed but everyone was just trying to get home, travelling along in a daze.

“One light moved in front as if they were coming nearer to each other.

“Then one just shot up into the sky at a million miles an hour. It shot into the atmosphere and disappeared.

“The other one just turned into an orange dot in the sky.”

This Is Local London: SYDENHAM: Mum and daughter's alien fear over UFO sighting Mrs Hentschel says she has never believed in aliens before but the out-of-this-world experience has completely changed her outlook.

She said: “If it was 1am on a Saturday and I’d had a few glasses of wine I’d understand.

“I thought crikey, this is really amazing. I’m a total believer now.

“I think it was some sort of UFO activity, I really do. It really did look like nothing I’ve ever seen before.”

She added: “I don’t know if they were aliens or not. I guess they must have been aliens if something was inside.”

Mrs Hentschel admits the alien encounter has badly affected her 15-year-old daughter.

She said: “My daughter’s terrified. It really scares her.

“I keep saying to her we’ve been chosen, we’re going to be abducted.

“I think I’ve frightened the life out of her.”


In February, Jack Regan filmed incredible footage of two orange lights in the sky over Mottingham.

Bexley police were inundated with calls in April 2007 reporting a potential alien invasion after similar lights were seen in the night sky. They turned out to be Chinese lanterns launched by college students.

In October 1993, PC Tony Francis was called to an address in Gravesend after reports of a UFO from a mother and her son. The craft was described as changing its shape from that of a bell to an oval with protruding spikes.

In 1955, more than 30 people reportedly claimed seeing a circular craft hovering above the ground in King Harold's Way, Bexleyheath.

Aviation enthusiast Douglas Wragg witnessed a cylinder-shaped flying object over Petts Wood in January 2000 which was "nothing to do with aviation". Describing it as like "two rolls of carpet covered in black plastic", one on top of the other, it climbed to about 20,000ft.

Stephany Cohen told News Shopper in 2003 how aliens called Grays were giving her orgasms. Miss Cohen expected the aliens from the planet Sirrus D to use her body to communicate with humanity. Miss Cohen believes the Grays have been her spiritual guides for many lifetimes, including when she was Joan of Arc in the 1400s.