A freak of nature or the work of aliens, crop circles are making a comeback. DAVID MILLS looks at where the Martians could land next.

THE aliens have been quiet lately.

It has been almost two years since the last crop circle was spotted in Kent and nearly four years since The Meopham Circles appeared.

But crop circle enthusiast Graham Tucker, who contributes to the Medway Crop Circle website, says the circles could reappear in the area this summer.

He said: “The season so far has been quite promising, which started with circles appearing in April, mostly in Wiltshire.

“It’s quite likely we will see some this year, however it’s a very unpredictable phenomena.”

Over the last 10 years, the north Kent area has had its own fair share of possible paranormal activity, with circles cropping up repeatedly in Farningham, Istead Rise, Eynsford and Nurstead, near Meopham.

Mr Tucker, who lives in Walderslade, explains that the circles are usually linked to places steeped in ancient history.

He said: “Where they appeared in Eynsford is close to a Roman villa (now Lullingstone Castle).

“They appear to acknowledge the past, that’s why we see so many in Wiltshire, where there’s Stonehenge, Avebury Circle and Silbury Hill.”

Andrew Fowlds, who runs the Medway Crop Circle website, says crop circles could be the work of aliens.

The 41-year-old IT developer said: “I certainly believe there's a real mystery about where they come from, it takes years to get your head round the idea there could just possibly be a real non-human phenomenon happening.

“We have the UFO phenomenon and people argue that's real, bearing that in mind it could be aliens.

“Crop circles never cease to surprise or amaze you, it's a fascinating mystery, there are still a lot of unanswered questions.”


July 2005 - The Meopham Circles, Wrotham Road
This field, found near the ancient village of Nursted, and could have been used by the Romans for wine production. Nearby Nursted Court is more than 1,000 years old and used to be a Saxon Manor.

August 2005 - The Nookie Bear Formation, Wrotham Road
Almost twice the size of the Meopham Circles, this was the first time Kent had two formations in the same field.

July 2001 - The Lullingstone Event, by Lullingstone Castle, Eynsford
Mentioned in the Domesday Book, perhaps the crop circles are attracted to that castle, one of England’s oldest family estates.

April 2000 - The Farningham Triangle, Farningham
Kent’s first circle of 2000, which could be seen from the M20.

May 2000 - The Celtic Knot, Wrotham, near Farningham
The second formation of 2000, this Celtic design could be seen from the M20. It is thought the Celts first arrived in Kent during 5BC.

June 2000 - The Circle of Circles, Eagle Heights, Eynsford
Found on hillside overlooking the Darenth Valley, just half a mile away from the Lullingstone Roman villa.

July 2000 - The Star of Istead, Istead Rise

April 1999 - The Istead Wreath, Istead Rise
Found near to the old Roman-built London Road at an ancient crossroads that’s now known as The Tollgate. A former pilgrim route from Southwark and Lambeth to Canterbury, as mentioned in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.

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