Graffiti artist Banksy may have struck in Orpington after a picture in his style was spotted alongside a busy road.

A pair of images depicting a baby hanging onto three coloured balloons and a woman clutching paint spray cans currently adorn a grey electricity box along Sevenoaks Way.

Members of the Banksy Forum, which follows the controversial artist's work, have already noted the artwork.

One member, calling himself harryh74, said: “Now I know when this kind of thing happens everyone gets excited about any tag on a wall being a new banksy, but i spotted a rather nice spray of a child sitting with 3 different colour balloons on the side of a large metal box outside a plumbers wholesaler while driving back from Orpington this morning.”

After receiving a call about the artwork last week, News Shopper went down to the scene of the potentially valuable Banksy designs.

Orpington resident Paul Rodin said he had spotted the graffiti almost a year ago.

The 34-year-old said: “When I first saw it I immediately thought it looked like some of Banksy’s work.

“It could be him I suppose but I thought he did a lot of his work in the east end of London.

“It would be unusual for him to come all the way down here although it certainly looks like his style.”

He added: “It would be exciting if he had been down here.”

Dave Barnes, 44, from Maidstone, added “I think it has got to be hoax.

“Why would Banksy be coming down to a place like this? I’m against graffiti in general but this looks nice and colourful and tidies up this boring grey shed a bit.“

Do you think this is Banksy’s work? Or are you the real artist? Call the newsroom on 01689 885 732 or leave your comment below.