UNEXPLAINED orange globes in the sky have left one woman scratching her head for answers.

Lorraine Carson, 59, of Parkland Close, in Chigwell, left her house to pick up some bags from her car when she saw the orange lights flying towards her in formation.

She said: “Because we’re high up on a hill we can see over the horizon. I thought ‘what are they?’ It was quite scary.

“I thought we were being invaded. I’ve seen something I’ve never seen before. It was quite an experience. I called out to my husband and he saw them as well.

“We both discussed it. I said ‘was it Chinese lanterns?’ but he said ‘No way. Not at 6pm at night’. They would have drifted about, but these were flying in an organised pyramid pattern.

“You have got to think logically. We live on a flight path and we see a lot of planes, but it wasn’t that. You think ‘maybe they were from someone having a Christmas party,’ but they were going too fast.”

Mrs Carson phoned the police after the incident who confirmed they have now passed her information on to the Ministry of Defence.

She said: “They were definitely UFOs because we don’t know what they were. They could be military aircraft, but you wouldn’t expect them to glow orange. We are trying to be normal about it, but we just don’t know what they were.”