A BAND of book lovers has held a candlelit vigil for a library in Edmonton which is doomed to closure.

Resembling festive carol singers, residents and library members gathered at Weir Hall Library in the Millfield Arts Complex, in Silver Street, on Monday afternoon.

But instead of celebrating a miraculous birth, the group mourned what they see as the death of a valuable community resource.

Weir Hall will shut its doors for the final time on Christmas Eve, at 5pm, after 20 years at its current home.

Councillor George Savva, who organised the vigil, said: “The timing of this closure is the cruellest blow of all. It comes when children are off school and might want to use the library.

“The library was there before the theatre and the council should remember that.

He added: “We want to show the council that we will continue and will never give up until we have our own library back.”

The building will be pulled down and a bar and public toilets for theatre users will be built in its place, with work to begin in March.

The library will be relocated to Fore Street, in Edmonton Green.

Edmonton residents have been able to be members of Weir Hall library in its various locations, for 88 years.

But Enfield Council insists shutting down the venue will benefit people in the area, as the new facilities will be a boost for Millfield Theatre, next door to Weir Hall.

Councillor John Kaye, cabinet member for leisure and culture, believes an expanded Millfield will draw more customers and cement its status as a leading regional theatre.

He said: “I have got some sympathy for residents close to Weir Hall, but we will provide the mobile library service to go there from time to time.”

Campaigners have complained to the Local Government Ombudsman about the council’s handling of the library move, claiming that objections were not properly considered.

The council was unable to comment further on the investigation, which is ongoing.