A holiday in Greece 16 years ago changed Vesna Jones's life.

Appalled by the thousands of stray dogs roaming the streets, she founded Greek Animal Rescue — a charity which saves dogs from the streets — and adopted six dogs herself.

On June 20, Mrs Jones, of Great North Way, Hendon, won the International Fund for Animal Welfare's International Award for her work.

"It's important work," she said. "We try to do what we can, but it is a hard slog."

Mrs Jones, 49, and her husband live with the Jones Gang — her six dogs, five of which are severely disabled.

Along with running the charity from her home and campaigning for the Greek government to introduce neutering, she also makes an annual visit to Greece.

She said: "We set up shelters on the ground, get animals out and try to do a bit more for the animals.

"When I first went to Greece, I was so shocked by what I saw.

"There were loads of stray dogs, many of them dead by the road."

It is Mrs Jones's passion to find them homes throughout the world, but also to campaign for the Greek government to put in place more regulations to stop strays from being born, and to protect them when they are.

Anyone who wants to find out more, or make a donation to the Greek Rescue Charity, can contact Mrs Jones at 69 Great North Way, Hendon NW4 1PT.