A developer has been accused of “pure greed” over plans to build a block of flats on garden space behind existing apartments.

Developer Grey Clyde Investments has applied for planning consent for a four-storey block of six one-bedroom flats and an underground car park, in Coppetts Road, Muswell Hill. 

The site is behind St Matthews Court flats in Coppetts Road, with homes to the south, back gardens to the west, and the block’s existing car park to the north. 

The developer, whose director Simon Gerrard is also head of Martyn Gerrard estate agents, says the land is "vacant", a claim strongly disputed by the people who live in the flats.

Earlier GCI plans to build two storeys on top of St Matthews Court were rejected by both Haringey Council and the Planning Inspectorate; subsequent plans for one extra storey were approved at appeal.

Child plays in the back garden of St Matthews Court where Grey Clyde Investment will build an extra storey on the block and build another four storey development on the green space it calls 'vacant'A child plays on gardens outside St Matthews Court where Grey Clyde Investment has applied to build an extra storey on the block and another four-storey block on the green space it calls 'vacant' (Image: Liz Hanley)

Liz Hanley, who lives in St Matthews Court, said: "It's disgusting what they are doing. They got permission to build a one storey on top of our heads and now they've come back to build a six flat block on our green space.

"It's all greed and money on behalf of Martyn Gerrard, there's no gain for us."

She said the new block will leave less than two metres between the blocks, drive up parking and traffic issues, and take up all the green space behind the flats.

"If you've got a manicured lawn that's only big enough for six people and you've got 38 people, you're taking away the last bit of green that we've got, and they're cutting down trees. They're taking everything."

Neighbour Emma Recchin said residents had pooled resources to get legal advice to fight the previous applications but were now "worn down".

She added: "Our concerns are not only the extra storey, our garden is not 'vacant space'. My son plays football, families have picnics. This will all affect our quality of life."

The new block will also border the boundary wall of Jenny Turner's home in Creighton Avenue, where she fears the new flats with balconies will overlook her property. 

"They have plenty of money and see us as little minnows. It's pure greed," she said.

Grey Clyde Investments declined to comment.

A consultation on the plans ends on July 19.

Visit haringey.gov.uk planning portal, reference HGY/2023/2653 for information.