A Grade II-listed luxury home worth £5 million has gone on sale, having been won in Omaze's London million pound house draw.

The Chelsea townhouse in Ovington Street, won by Oceanne Belle from Barking in December 2023, was Omaze's biggest ever prize draw that year.

But since then, the house has been spotted on British property website Rightmove, added on February 29 in 2024, and remains unsold today (June 22).

The Omaze London House Competition allows people to enter a prize draw to win a luxury home and £250,000 in cash.

Oceanne, speaking after selling the house, said: "We’ve decided to cash in and move a bit closer to our friends and family - and also release the huge amount of money from the sale so we can help our loved ones and enjoy the rest our lives worry free.

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“I’m still working towards fulfilling my ultimate dream of becoming a paediatric nurse - this win is helping me to make that dream a reality," she added in a statement provided by Omaze today (June 22).

After winning the West London house in 2023, she had said: "I am overwhelmed with happiness and joyful excitement."

Speaking after the three-bed home worth £5 million appeared on Rightmove this year, she said: “We’ve loved every second we’ve spent at the house, it’s been amazing waking up in such a luxurious home every morning - we’ve enjoyed the area so much.

“The £100,000 I also received as part of my win meant we’ve never had any worries about staying here - and if we wanted to, we could easily live here for at least another five years just on that money alone," she added.

Oceanne said she enjoyed being part of the community greatly, especially her neighbours, but felt it was time to move on.

"It’s been amazing waking up in such a luxurious home every morning - we’ve enjoyed the area so much," she added.

The luxury house was described as a Grade II listed freehold, completely renovated and remodelled with a 15x15 foot garden, on the Rightmove listing.

It is now being marketed by Strutt & Parker estate agents and is open to offers.