Blackheath train station is set for a major makeover in the coming months as urgent repairs are needed to the Grade II listed building.

The South London station's canopies are currently in poor condition according to Network Rail.

They added that the canopies, which protect travellers from weather, are in need of repair, painting and some replacement work.

According to IanVisits, the station's current canopies are falling apart in areas and in some cases have been removed to stop them from falling on the rail lines.

Blackheath train station set for major update 

Parts of the roof are made from the original Georgian wired glass but in the update, it will be replaced by modern Plasiax but will keep the same historical look.

Elsewhere, windows that have rotted away on the footbridge will be repaired and external cladding will be fixed and replaced.

While most of the changes will only be slight and mostly repairs, the biggest update to Blackheath will be an updated colour scheme.

The station's colour theme of blue-grey for Southeastern will be replaced with a green and white palette that is used along fellow Kent route stations.

The colour changes will also apply to the footbridge where the blue timber will be replaced with green timber.

Unlike most station paint jobs, within the planning permission application, Blackheath Station requested they paint over the existing paint. 


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According to IanVisits, the station does not want to remove the original paint and instead paint over it after they found lead in the old paint meaning it's easier to seal the lead paint and paint over it.

Otherwise, workers would need to remove the lead paint when there are no passengers around and complete the task.

Blackheath Station's update is being supported by the Blackheath Society and the Rail Heritage Trust.