A new programme of free arts and culture events is coming to Redbridge this summer - led entirely by residents.

Projects including kite-flying displays, a cultural fabric catwalk, and a flag parade led by the borough's disabled communities are all part of the summer programme.

A total of 30 residents, known as community producers, have been working with artists to create a jam-packed schedule.

Artists and businesses involved include Rambert, an award-winning dance company; Emergency Exit Arts, a producer of large-scale processions and spectacles; and flag artists Kinetika.

All projects are part of the Colours of Redbridge initiative.

It intends to bring free creative activities to the borough, with residents leading the design process.

Community producer Shagufta Hussain said: "It’s been an absolute privilege to have been a part of this project with Colours of Redbridge, and I’ve learnt so many new skills and met some amazing people along the way.

"I’m really looking forward to seeing our local community come together, to enjoy these events as much as we have enjoyed creating them."

Other events headed to Redbridge this summer as part of the programme include a food festival linking food to our cultural identity, a lantern parade to light up Barkingside streets, and a global styles dance programme designed to support physical strength and mental wellbeing.

Colours of Redbridge launches on Thursday, June 27 with a south Asian truck parking up at Fairlop Waters, and Bradford artist Zareena Bano leading several workshops.

Mildmay House in Ilford will debut a languages café on June 28, uniting residents through the borough's most spoken languages.

All events are free with activities suitable for all ages, interests and accessibility requirements.

Online or phone booking is recommended for most activities, but there will be spaces for people to turn up on the day.

Artist Sadia Ur-Rehman said: "I’ve been working with the community producers to help create some truly exciting and unique projects ready for the summer.

"I am really impressed by the passion and talent of people in Redbridge, and we can’t wait for everyone to come along and get involved in what we’ve created."

Colours of Redbridge programme director Pete Nichols added: "We’re so excited to finally launch our summer projects, working with some amazing residents and some of the best artists in the country.

"This is just the beginning, as next year the most successful projects will be made bigger and better, becoming a regular fixture in our streets and neighbourhoods.

"I’d urge you all to try something new with us this summer."

For the full programme listings, visit www.colours.red, call 020 8708 2858 and choose option 4, or look for listings in your local library.

Contact hello@colours.red to get involved in the Colours of Redbridge programme.