Findings have revealed that Greenwich Council has issued over £1.6 million in bus lane fines over the last financial year – with the highest in Woolwich Road.

Figures obtained by Personal Injury Claims UK revealed that Greenwich Council issued at least £1,617,655 in Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) in the last 12 months between April 2023 and April 2024, requiring drivers to pay the minimum amount of £65.

The borough was ranked to have been the London borough who issued the highest amount of bus lane fines, with 24,887 bus lane fines issued from April 6, 2023 to April 5, 2024.

In Greenwich, the standard bus lane charge in the borough is £130, however it is halved if drivers pay within 14 days of the charge being issued.

Greenwich Council revealed that between April 6, 2023 and April 5, 2024, a total of 11,782 drivers failed to pay within the allotted time and were likely to have paid the increased charge of £130, with the council potentially receiving £2,383,485 in PCN charges during that period.

The bus lane with the highest number of PCN charges was Woolwich Road NE Bound, opposite Charlton Lane, with 4,271 charges issued within the last financial year.

This was followed by Blackwall Lane South outside Dyson House, with 3,612 PCN charges issued, and Charlton Church Lane junction with Barney Close, with 2,594 PCNs issued in the last 12 months.

Here’s the full list ranked from highest to lowest:

  • Woolwich Road NE Bound, opposite Charlton Lane - 4,271
  • Blackwall Lane South outside Dyson House - 3,612
  • Charlton Church Lane junction with Barney Close - 2,594
  • Plumstead Road, Eastern Bus Lane, SE18 7DN - 2,044
  • Central Way outside Linton Mead - 1,689
  • Kidbrooke Park Road Bus Gate Northbound - 1,678
  • Kidbrooke Park Road Bus Gare Southbound - 1,327
  • Well Hall Road - 593
  • Blackwall Lane Bus Lane Northbound - 566
  • Plumstead Road, Eastern Bus Lane - 515
  • Well Hall Road Bus Lane Southwest bound - 216
  • Bugsby's Way outside Sainsbury's SE7 - 98
  • Plumstead Road Bus Lane Westbound – 30

In a statement, a spokesperson for Greenwich Council said that penalty charge notices are a measure to protect the safety of residents and to reduce congestion.

According to Greenwich Council, 41.1 percent of households in Greenwich don’t own a car, with PCNs helping to ensure “bus running times and journey reliability” for commuters in the borough.

A Greenwich Council spokesperson said: “Penalty charge notices for illegally using bus lanes are put in place to protect the safety of our residents, reduce congestion, and ensure our bus services run smoothly.

“Driving and parking in bus stops is especially dangerous for our most vulnerable residents. Research shows that CCTV enforcement in bus lanes reduces the number of people using them illegally and improves bus running times and journey reliability, which is especially important as 43.1% of households in our borough don't own a car.

“This initiative is part of our commitment to make it easier, safer and greener to move around the borough and the rest of London.”