Children get "exciting opportunities" and love singing songs at a wholesome nursery in Lewisham.

Just Little Kidz, based in the Glass Mill Leisure Centre, was given a "Good" rating in all areas by Ofsted after a recent inspection.

The nursery looks after children from 0 to four-years-old with a total of 35 registered places, currently accommodating 28 tots.

Inspectors found that the team at this nursery "create a warm and welcoming environment with exciting opportunities that ignite children's curiosity".

The Ofsted report, published on June 3, said: "Staff provide an abundance of open-ended opportunities that enable children to guide their own learning.

"Children are highly motivated to learn and settle quickly into play."

Inspectors praised the team at Just Little Kidz for building strong relationships with the children, which helps to both promote the toddlers well-being and support positive behaviour "exceptionally well".

Children at the nursery were found to "delight in singing songs and taking part in action rhymes".

The report said: "They pretend to be soldiers while they march around the room to a familiar song. 

"Staff join in to help children understand the meaning of the words."

The Lewisham nursery even has a "tidy-up song" to help the children stop what they are doing and tidy away activities.

Ofsted inspectors also found that staff promote children's thinking skills, support those needing extra help, and plan activities according to children's interests.

The leadership team of Just Little Kidz was praised as "experienced and knowledgeable", while parents spoke highly of the nursery and are regularly updated on their children's progress.

Parents told Ofsted that the staff are "very friendly, welcoming and

Inspectors did, however, highlight an area for improvement, saying that going forward the nursery should "support staff to help the youngest children to consistently be able to freely explore during their play".

Nevertheless, the overall report was overwhelmingly positive, with 'Good' ratings across all areas.

With the help of its dedicated and skilled staff, Just Little Kidz has managed to build an environment where children are "fascinated, eager to learn more, and have a positive attitude towards learning".