A man who might be south London’s worst flasher has struck again, this time exposing his genitals in Lewisham

Bobby Garande, 30, of Linnet Close in Thamesmead, has 10 convictions for indecent exposure across south London, most of which took place on buses and trains. 

Police described him as a “disturbing individual” and his offending has led to several prison sentences as well as a court order which specifically bans him from sexually touching himself, exposing his genitals or making persistent eye contact with women while on public transport. 

In September 2020 he was jailed for 16 weeks for exposing himself to a woman on the number 50 bus from Croydon to Norbury, while two children were sitting opposite him. 

Then in November 2021 he was on a train to Bromley South station when an elderly woman noticed him smiling at her and fondling himself while peering through a gap in the train seats. 

The panicked woman took a photo of him but Garande continued to touch himself. 

When the train arrived at Bromley South station she got off and was followed by Garande. 

She alerted security staff and Garande was arrested while he tried to run onto another train. 

The victim in that case told the court: "My sleep is affected and when I close my eyes I see the defendant and what he's doing on the train." 

He was jailed for 27 months but while he was in prison he was prosecuted for another offence which had taken place in October 2021. 

Garande had spent 15 minutes masturbating and touching his nipples while staring at a woman on a train from Blackfriars. 

He then left the train at Elephant and Castle and was arrested. 

For that offence Garande was given a further 26 weeks in prison, on top of the 27 month sentence he was already serving. 

This Is Local London: Bobby Garande, who who has terrorised women on public transport across the cityBobby Garande, who who has terrorised women on public transport across the city (Image: BTP)

Croydon Crown Court had previously heard that Garande was intent on putting this offending behind him following his prison sentence. 

He told his barrister he had experienced being treated as a sex offender in prison and did not like the experience. 

However, on March 22 this year he exposed himself again – this time in Lewisham. 

Garande pleaded guilty to indecent exposure and two counts of breaching criminal behaviour order which had banned him from touching himself or looking in women’s eyes on public transport. 

He appeared at Woolwich Crown Court on Friday (May 17) from HMP Wandsworth but the hearing was adjourned due to the availability of barristers so Garande will be sentenced next week.