A new burger restaurant is set to open in Sutton next month - and it's set to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Your Local Guardian exclusively spoke to Faisal Khan and Giuseppe “Joe” Paini who are collaborating to open the new eatery - called The Bun Club.

Faisal is the owner of the former Frankie’s Café in Sutton, and Giuseppe “Joe” Paini is owner of The Encanto Kitchen in Sutton and Ginger Italian in Carshalton.

Frankie’s Café, which opened in 2018, took its final orders in March 2023.

The Bun Club will open in its place in 29 Brighton Road on Saturday, June 1.

Joe Paini put his dream of opening a burger restaurant aside during the pandemic and later opened The Encanto Kitchen in October 2022.

He told Your Local Guardian: “I already had Ginger Italian, but Encanto Kitchen wasn’t part of the plan.

“The idea for the burger restaurant was still there so I started meeting with Faisal at his café down the street, and he started asking questions.”

Faisal was also interested in opening a restaurant as well, but wasn’t sure which way to go with it.

Faisal said: “As we became closer, we both began sharing our ideas with each other.”

At first, Joe didn’t share his ideas in details, and only spoke about how he was looking for a venue.

He added: “But then Faisal said that he wanted to do something different with his café.

“So then it got me thinking that if I was to take my business up with him then I wouldn’t have to buy anywhere.”

As a result, Joe gave away half his idea to Faisal, and Faisal gave away half of his business to Joe, and together they managed to create The Bun Club.

Joe said that before meeting Faisal he would never have considered having a partner, but their partnership gave him easy access to a venue and opened up his chances to achieve his goal.

This Is Local London:

Both Faisal and Joe are bringing their ideas to The Bun Club, such as a breakfast menu that Faisal has experience in, but Joe doesn't, and a dinner menu that Frankie’s Café never had.

Joe explained that one of the burgers that The Bun Club will offer is the Smash Burger, consisting of beef, American cheese, burger sauce and pickles.

Faisal said: “We’ve got great appetisers coming up, such as homemade mac and cheese, prawn skewers, deep-fried brie, and homemade chicken goujons dipped in buttermilk.”

There will also a wide selection of milkshakes for the older and younger generations to choose from, and Faisal said that they are “being very creative with the milkshakes.”

Joe said: "We’re extremely excited for The Bun Club to open and for a few reasons:

"The first is that it’s been a dream for me since 2019.

"Back then I chipped away at a menu, a plan and a website but took time to pull the trigger on the idea and then the pandemic hit.

"It put the brakes on any form of progress and the dream just kind of took a back seat to keeping my first restaurant The Ginger Italian up and running.

"To be now finally making it happen, to be getting the idea out of my head and into our community feels like a great accomplishment.

"The second reason is that for the first time, I’m working with a partner and friend: Faisal Khan.

"To be doing something so long-coming and exciting with a friend just makes it even more special.

"Thirdly we fully booked for the opening week and our friends and customers have shown such a huge interest that I couldn't think of a way of serving them better.

"It all just feels right and we’re certain that our burgers are not just going to be the best burgers you’ve ever tasted but they will be served by people who love what they do and are completely obsessed with creating something exceptional that people will be talking about until the next time they visit."

Nigel Ghaznavi, Head of Marketing for Ginger Italian, The Encanto Kitchen and The Bun Club, said: "We're really looking forward and it's been great fun working together. 

"We hope customers will enjoy The Bun Club."

This Is Local London:

The Frankie’s Café sign was officially taken down on Monday, May 13, and the new logo is set to be fitted by Sunday, May 19.

The Bun Club will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and will be open every day apart from Monday.

Breakfast will be served from 7.30am to 11am, lunch will be served from 11am to 3pm, and dinner will be served from 5pm to 10pm.

The Bun Club will be open throughout the day on both Saturday and Sunday.