As the academic year draws to a close, students at Tiffin Girls School have been diligently preparing for their Year 10 End of Year exams, which emulate the format of their GCSEs in preparation for next year. Having begun last Friday and ending this Wednesday, these exams have challenged students to showcase their knowledge and skills across their chosen GCSE subjects.


Amidst the stress and anticipation, Nihira Adepu, a Year 10 student, shared her perspective on the exams: “Though I am finding [the exams] quite stressful, I think they will be helpful in the long run since they prepare me for my GCSEs.” This sentiment echoes the overarching purpose of these assessments – to provide students with a taste of the exam conditions they will be tested in during their final exams next year.


During the exam period, two exams are held each day, mimicking the rigorous schedule the students will encounter during their actual GCSEs. Students who do not take the GCSE subject of the exam taking place go to lessons as normal and carry out their own individual study and revision. Students have taken to revising in the school’s LRC during lunch, in an effort to perform to the best of their ability during their afternoon exams.


The Year 10 exam season is now coming to a close, and the collective effort and dedication of the students has been evident throughout this period. Despite the inevitable stress that comes with adjusting to longer examinations and increased revision content, this experience serves as a valuable learning opportunity, equipping students with the necessary skills for success in their future academic endeavours.