Amidst the hustle, bustle and chaos of exam season, I believe it is vital to look upon every day with fond and loving eyes. Each day, though transient and fleeting, should be cherished- whether the sun bathes the earth in a warm glow, enlightening all the creatures that emerge to bask in the warmth, or whether it is a day when clouds congregate across the sky, the wind howls and the trees dance. Every day is special.

Nature is a great way to tap into loving every day, cherishing the seemingly mundane. during revision breaks, try to take at least a 10 minute walk- if you are in a very green area, you may hear songbirds tweeting, or bees working, or see how the sunbeams filter beautifully through the branches of a tree. If you’re in a more metropolitan area, you will still see beauty- just of a different kind. Perhaps you will notice the cheerful bright red of a bus, complementing the calm blue sky. Or the reassuring, ever-present hum of the city. Or the delectable aroma of a busy pizzeria.

Ensuring that you pay attention to your surroundings, also helps. It is often the case that many interesting, wonderful or intriguing things occur around us all the time- yet we are unable to detect them. Next time you are on the bus, try looking out of the window and noticing your surroundings, rather than being on your phone.

Taking these tips and acting upon them just may help you de-stress form revision, work or life in general, as well as increasing the quality of your life, and your wellbeing.