Crayford residents have recently found a new focus for the town's priorities- community, and many have been working hard to build this.

The Crayford Community Group- founded in early 2023 has been working hard to benefit the town ever since it was created. With the two main goals of bringing the community together and raising funds for local causes, they have held a few events. 

Following on from a successful Walking Greyhound Trail during the Christmas period, the most recent event was the Easter Fair on March 31st (Easter Sunday). Located at Waterside, a space in the town center that has been popular for many events over time, and featuring stalls from many local businesses- it was a hit! From pubs to craft stores, even having performances from a local church and dance school- this was clearly a building moment for the community.

Not only this, but the Community Group also managed to provide over 200 Easter Eggs and Bonnets for attendees. There truly was something for everyone, from arts and crafts, to food and beverages, and plenty to shop. 

Residents are clearly supporting the goals and it'll be great to see the next events held. The group has definitely been successful so far.