Evolve Housing and Support is a generous charity operating all over London aiming to tackle homelessness and its associated mental health struggles. They work towards their goal of wiping homelessness off the face of London by providing temporary housing for people in need located on many sites all over London, educating people on new employable skills to give them new hope in life, and providing mental health support to reestablish people’s lives.


Every year, Evolve Housing helps over 1000 people affected by homelessness, and stresses the importance of identifying homelessness, since it often goes unseen. They firmly believe in tackling its causes within each individual person’s unique journey, and are willing to extend a helping hand no matter what the cause, whether it ranges from ending a relationship to not having enough money to keep up with rising house prices.


Evolve Housing also helps individuals who have experienced past traumas due to homelessness by providing them with therapists and counsellors to help them stress and anxiety levels, and eventually achieve full independence. In addition to this, Evolve Housing also supports different approaches to support each individual customer according to their needs, encouraging therapeutic activities such as music, dance, sports and even gaming.


In conclusion, Evolve Housing is a truly inspirational charity whose work is appreciated all over London, restoring dignity to many people and helping them rebuild their lives step by step. I firmly believe there is definitely something we can all learn from their work, whether it involves making a donation to aid them in their mission of ending homelessness across London, or something as simple as a random act of kindness to a homeless person, showing that you understand their struggles and support them in their fight against homelessness.