On Tuesday 23rd April, I joined my classmates for a school trip to catch a performance of Six the Musical at the Vaudeville Theatre. I couldn't contain my excitement—I'd stumbled upon snippets of the show's electrifying vocals on my TikTok FYP and couldn't resist singing along to its catchy tunes.

As soon as I knew the date of our outing, I eagerly checked if Hannah Lowther, who went from Tesco singing videos to understudying Catherine Howard and Catherine Parr, would be performing. Her journey is seriously inspiring!

From the onset, the production mesmerised me with its audacious lighting, elaborate costumes, and striking makeup, setting a tone of grandeur as the Queens’ commenced their performance. Six the Musical offers a contemporary reinterpretation of the saga of Henry VIII’s wives, infusing the narrative with a blend of humor and complexity. Notably, the musical distinguishes itself by presenting a repertoire of remarkable compositions, each capturing the essence of the Queens' individual personas and the adversities they confronted.

The songs? Incredible. "Heart of Stone," "All You Wanna Do," "Get Down," "No Way," "Don’t Lose Your Head," and "I Don’t Need Your Love" perfectly capture each Queen's personality and struggles. The whole performance blew me away, exceeding all expectations. My favorite part? When we were given the opportunity to record the closing act - heightening the atmosphere within the theater to a crescendo of excitement. While some may contend that the brevity of the 90-minute performance, devoid of intermission, leaves gaps for character development, I believe that its succinct, yet impactful narrative execution sets it apart from its counterparts.

After the show, my teachers kept asking me which Queen I liked best. Honestly, I couldn't pick one—they're all so unique and compelling - and beautifully celebrates the diverse and multifaceted nature of its characters. Consequently, each Queen emerged as a figure worthy of admiration, their uniqueness contributing to the tapestry of the narrative. As a memento of the occasion, I acquired an "I'm Unbreakable" badge, and talked with fellow classmates about it on our journey home, provided a fitting denouement to an enriching cultural experience.

In conclusion, Six the Musical stands as a testament to the values of diversity, individuality, and exceptional vocal artistry. Grab tickets while you can and prepare for a fantastic time!